And we’re off!

16 DIT staff members have signed up this year for the Mobile Learning Project, which is brilliant. This is the third iteration of the project and it has grown in size year on year. I have just emailed the group to remind them that the introductory two-hour workshop is next Tuesday April 28th and explained that during that interactive workshop we’ll discuss mobile learning, try out a few apps such as Socrative, Plickers, Blackboard Learn, and Animoto, and explore the different types of projects that they could undertake.

We’ll be using Bonfyre to keep in touch from now until December and I’ll be send them out an invite to join our Bonfyre later today. I also want to use it to showcase how apps/social media can be used to increase communication with students, and help build a community of learners. Bonfyre is a phone app specifically (although I have used it successfully on a tablet) and if you’d like a little more information on it click here.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what ideas the group come up with this year. Once they have finalised those ideas, I’ll put that information up on this site. Keep watching this space!


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