Introductory workshop

It can be hard to get everyone in the same place at the same time, but 12 of the project participants managed to meet up last Tuesday for the introductory workshop to the Mobile Learning Project 2015. I’m in the process of trying to find a suitable time to meet up with the remaining 6 so that they can catch up.

We used a range of  mobile technologies during the workshop itself. For example, I was operating my slides on my iPad as I walked around the room. My iPad was connected to my laptop wirelessly, which was, in turn, connected to the projector. Using the app ‘Explain Everything‘ I could doodle on my slides as I talked, and hand my iPad to the participants to encourage them to engage with various activities. We also used ‘Socrative‘ to answer questions and provide opinions via polls, as well as ‘Plickers‘ which is another very neat app for collecting such data and which does not rely on your students having their own devices. We had been using the communication app Bonfyre as a group over the week preceding the workshop and had been chatting there about mobile learning etc. We hope to continue using Bonfyre over the course of the project to keep in touch and build a small virtual learning community. That’ll really help over the summer months and between our monthly meetings in the next semester.

We also discussed the variety of different mlearning projects that the group could think about exploring – everything from using mobile technologies to present content, create content, communicate, collaborate, assess learning (assess ‘of’, ‘for’ and ‘as’ learning), and give feedback.

Over the next few days, the participants will be making decisions around how they might integrate mobile technologies into their own learning, teaching and/or assessment practices. Once they have made their decisions and set up their work logs or blogs, I’ll link those from their names on the projects page of this site. By the end of May they will be posting further details of their projects in the form of a short proposal which will flesh out their projects a bit more ready for implementation in September. So, keep watching this space…



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