Application process

Getting involved in this project is a great way to test the integration of mobile technologies and apps into your own teaching, learning and/or assessment practices within the safety of a structured project and along with a group of like-minded colleagues who can offer ideas and support.  If you want to participate in this year’s Mobile Learning Project at DIT* you must attend the introductory workshop on Tuesday April 28th from 10am-12noon, after which you will submit your idea for your particular project. The project itself will start in September 2015 and will run over the course of the first semester during which you will be required to attend a meeting each month for approximately 1 hour. You will also be asked to present your project as part of the annual Showcase of Learning and Teaching Innovations in January 2016.

Please click the ‘Register here‘ tab above to register for both the project and the workshop.

* If you do not have an iPad or an Android Tablet of your own, the LTTC have a small number that can be borrowed for the purposes of this project. These devices will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

The objective of the workshop is to:

  • introduce mLearning and the benefits mobile technologies have to offer when integrated effectively into teaching, learning and/or assessment practices
  • demonstrate over the course of the workshop how mobile technologies can be integrated seamlessly into a range of classroom activities
  • highlight issues that must be considered when deciding to integrate mobile technologies, and
  • explain the different types of areas your project might focus on i.e. providing formative assessment, encouraging student collaboration and/or communication, or the creation of interactive presentations for example

You will be asked to keep a record of your activities over the course of your project in the form of a blog. Time will be set aside at the end of the workshop to allow you to create your blog if you do not already have one.

Next Steps…

Within the first week following the workshop, you will write your first blog post (1 short paragraph) indicating your initial idea for your project and highlighting any issues you might like some feedback on. You will be encouraged to ‘follow’ the blogs of the other participants and support each other via the comments tool.

You will have then until May 20th to post on your blog the final plan for your project, which will start in September 2015. That plan will need to include the following:

  • an outline of what you intend doing and how you intend doing it,
  • how you will benefit from this project professionally,
  • how your students will benefit from this project
  • give an indication as to whether your project is likely to extend into semester two or not,
  • and, if you need to borrow a device, please state what your preference would be i.e. and iPad or and Android tablet (depending on availability)

Note: If you are running your project with a view to publishing your findings, then you must submit your proposal, and the necessary forms, to the Research Ethics Committee for approval before you begin your project. The final meeting of that committee before the summer break will be held in early June.

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